My approach to treatment is to work closely with my clients in exploring and understanding the impact of their past on their present life with mindful attention to present problem solving. Therapeutic work requires a safe and confidential place to share one’s pain and struggles without the fear of being judged or criticized. Within this safe space and through the process of being seen and heard, clients are often able to move forward and discover reasons behind self-defeating behaviors, regain clarity, resolve old issues, let go of hurtful patterns, increase confidence, and become more authentic in their present relationships.

My primary theoretical orientation is psychoanalytically informed. Here is where the realm of needs, desires, goals, intentions, and motivations of the client is seen and held! This posture involves a delicate understanding of one’s past relationships and their indelible imprint on ones’ lives while not forgetting the problematic patterns of the present. I am also deeply respectful of the unconscious – that which we do not always remain aware. I work respectfully to increase one’s insight, one’s internal emotional resources, and one’s ability for authentic relating.