Psychotherapy - Effective or Not?

Before embarking on psychotherapy, most people want to know what to expect and how to go about achieving the best kind of help. A lot of people seek help, and may even go so far as to call a psychologist, but once you starting meeting with someone on a regular basis, what then? Is psychotherapy generally a good idea? The basic answer is a resounding “yes!” On average, approximately 80% of folks who enter treatment will walk away feeling as they have achieved some real change. In this day and age, that percentage is actually pretty good! However, in order to achieve that high percentage, it’s important to keep a couple of things in mind. First, finding a psychologist with whom you feel safe and connected is paramount. In fact, research seems to show that this is one of the MOST important variables for good treatment outcomes. Secondly, be aware of the “15 session blues,” a term I affectionately tell my patients to expect at around the 12th to 15th session. Again, research seems to show that a lot of folks are tempted to stop treatment at this point, and it is usually because difficult emotional things are beginning to surface. But…think about it. Most of the things that prompted you to begin therapy took many years to form. Doesn’t it make sense that it’s going to take some time for all that to unravel?