Reverse Culture Shock

Reverse Culture Shock, or "re-entry", is a term associated with the phenomenon of returning to one's own country and culture. Very similar to culture shock, a person entering into their home environment will have to make adjustments to reacquaint themselves with their surroundings. Unlike culture shock, most do not anticipate feeling like a foreigner in their own home. However, it should be expected. If you have made any cultural adjustments while abroad, you will have to readjust once back home.

Experiencing reverse culture shock is extremely common and may include any to all of the following emotions:

  • Restlessness, rootlessness
  • Reverse homesickness-missing people and places from abroad
  • Boredom, insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, frustration
  • Need for excessive sleep
  • Change in goals or priorities
  • Feelings of alienation or withdrawal
  • Negativity towards American behavior
  • Feelings of resistance toward family and friends

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