What really counts when it comes to effective therapy

I frequently find myself thoughful about what's effective in psychotherapy. Is it particular things I say in response to my patients? Are there specific modalities that are more effective than others? Being the psychodynamic psychotherapist that I am, I possess a natural inclination toward understanding the deeper layers of the human psyche. Somehow, change and understanding the human being takes so much more than just a manualized approach to specific symptoms. For me, it's more about understanding the heart and soul of each person that walks in my door and treating each with as much dignity as I can muster. Each patient is more than just a list of symptoms. Each patient is more than just their pain. When I read the following article on research done in Sweden, I found myself feeling justified in how I've been trained: http://scottdmiller.com/icce/revolution-in-swedish-mental-health-practice-the-cognitive-behavioral-therapy-monopoly-gives-way/