Pain is our friend

The physician who spent much of his life working with lepers in India was a gentleman by the name of Dr. Brand. He discovered that leprosy destroys the nerve endings in the body, leaving lepers unable to to feel. While this fact might seem like a blessing, it is ultimately a curse, resulting in the loss of limbs and even death. Without pain, lepers are unaware they have been injured. Dr. Brand is quoted as saying, "I thank God for pain, I cannot think of a greater gift I could give my leprosy patients." Symbolically speaking, the avoidance of pain can make us emotional lepers - we become incapable of experiencing the aches, pains, and fears of our existence, as well as the joys, the beauties, and freedoms of our lives. Although no one enjoys feeling pain or fear, these emotions play an important role in our existence. They help us stay alive!